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In order to keep the application free, we are forced to limit the number of requests so as not to clutter the database unnecessarily. Thus only the customers really active on the site will be able to keep the free use of the service.. For customers using the free offer, without connecting to the site for 7 days from the last login, the target phone will be automatically deleted..

For customers using the basic or premium offer, without connecting to the site for a month from the last login, the target phone will be automatically deleted. SpyHuman's FREE mobile spy app has been helping many parents for tracking their children's activities remotely for last couple of years. Many employers are using our application to monitor their employee's smartphone activities during working hour and making sure that any sensitive information not getting shared to their competitors.

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Couple Tracker - Cell phone tracker and monitor for Android

The All in One Android Monitoring Solutions Would you like to monitor the smartphone activities of your underage child? Download View Demo Parental Control Mobile tracker protects your children from online threat by monitoring their smartphone activities i. Data Backup Get up to date with real time data uploading and backup your all data on our highly-secured server with our app. Puts you on the know. Which info one must use very responsibly.

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It is important to know that it can not be used as a cell spy. Spying without their consent is illegal. This is a great cell tracker app.

It helped me find out things that I would have never knew about with out it. Truly a need to have app thank you guys. Really like this mobile tracker program and recommend it to my friends. It is as common as using whatsapp everyday.

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It is nice to know that I can install this application on Android and also on iPhone. Great cell phone tracker app. Important that support is answering the questions and so far this is the best Android tracker application that I could find on the market. Thank you for the help and keep improving your cell phone tracker software. I believe that this app would be the number one sms tracking app, with its lightest memory resource, easier option, quality of data records, features development and good support.

This is the best sms tracker app that I have.

I love it. You guys have done a great job with this.

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The support is also wonderful. Please don't ever go away. Love it. Log in Forgot Password. How to use it Use it for Monitor remotely How to use it Install.

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Install the application on the phone that you want to monitor. You can install the application for free and you will have a free trial. GPS will always be tracked for free. The cell tracking app uploads activities to your secure online account.

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You can view all the activities if you login to this server using the account that you have created when you installed the application. Use it for This application is great for: tracking your children.